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Our company founders were trained in the Toyota Production Systems at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK and have gone on to implement Visual Management and Lean techniques in world class organisations through many sectors.

We take great pride in sharing our knowledge and experiences with our clients to enable them to bed Visual Management into their business effectively delivering tangible business improvement.


Visual Management Training

Visual Management is a foundation lean tool that can quickly identify the Abnormal from the Normal, it is a set of techniques that allow for accurate and efficient information flow.

Visual Management encourages the use of efficient, well-paced stand-up meetings that enable the teams to identify process problems and decide actions to solve the problem quickly.


We can use Visual Management to focus on:

Performance Improvement (KPI, SQCDP)

Problem Solving (5 Why, Fishbone, PPS)

Communication (Governance, Team Boards, Handover)

Our Visual Management Services are as follows:

Plant assessment to identify any gap condition and focus areas.

Develop a plan for implementation, including coaching to provide a sustainable process that adds immediate and tangible benefit.

Design appropriate Visual Management Displays.

Support your business by facilitating an effective stand up meeting.

Provide Guidance on “Meeting Rules” and effective governance processes.




5s Training

Fundamental to any lean organisation, 5S is a 5-step method of workplace organisation to ensure work is carried out in a safe, ergonomic and efficient manner. 5S must work at the team level and be transferred across an organisation so it becomes part of everyday work.


Our 5S services involve the following:

Developing a program for 5S suited to your needs as a business.

Working with your team to ensure the principles and reasons for using 5S are understood.

Coaching the team in effective 5S implementation.

Delivering a handover for sustainable maintenance of the 5S program.




Lean & Six Sigma Training

At VMT, we have developed Lean Six Sigma training that can be tailored to a specific organisation. The delivery of our training is initially classroom based but each of the delegates is tasked with delivering improvement projects using the DMAIC problem solving methodology to deliver real and tangible improvements for our clients that have a lasting benefit for the business, as well as providing a long-term benefit for the individual. We are able to create a bespoke training solution to suit your organisation.


Speak to us – tell us where you’d like to improve, and we can propose a course of action that will help you to achieve both your own and your company objectives.

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