Tooling Shadow Board

Shadow Boards

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Save time

Create order

Reduce errors


Tool Control Shadow Boards help enable missing tools to be spotted in seconds, and are an essential visual management tool providing effective workplace organisation and control.

Tooling Shadow Board

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Save time, create order, reduce errors,

Tool Control Shadow boards help enable missing tools to be spotted in seconds, and are an essential visual management tool providing effective workplace organisation and control.

A Shadow Board fit for every purpose

Visually Organised to Boost Efficiency

VMT Shadow Boards aren’t exclusively used for visually storing hand tools.

From small hand tools to spares and large machine change-over parts, a shadow board can be used to effectively organise and manage your equipment and assets, whatever the application.

Hand Tools

Tool shadow board

Proven to save time searching for tools, hand tool Shadow Boards make it easy to identify missing items from a distance, a fundamental lean visual management technique.

VMT Shadow Boards can be supplied on mobile frames ensuring right tool, right place, right time. 

Change Over / Spare Parts

Purple Shadow Board

Keep operationally critical spare parts visually stored close to process, reducing potential downtime in the event of equipment failure.

Minimise wasted time in the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) process by locating the changeover parts close to the process in an organised and logical layout ready for switch out.

Lifting Tackle

Red shadow board

LOLER regulations require lifting equipment to be appropriately stored, marked and inspected.

VMT Shadow Boards assist the user in locating the equipment in the correct place so the item is always available when not in use.

How a  Shadow Board can improve your business.

We created a quick video to explain some of the time saving benefits of using a shadowboard.



Follow these simple steps to order your Shadow Board

Let us do the hard work

Many of our clients are busy operating within their own business that’s why we  make the process of implementing Shadow boards easy for our clients.

We will visit your site and gather information at a time and date to suit you.

We will support and advise from the initial enquiry through to delivery and installation of your Shadow Board.

Call us on 01625 560 780 to discuss your requirements.


    We will work with you closely in the beginning stages to develop the best specification of shadowboard to suit your needs.


    Our detailed quotations can be accompanied with a concept drawing helping to provide peace of mind ahead of an order.


    Once we have the required drawing information (we will re-visit site if required) our team of designers will produce a design layout for your final approval before going into production.


    Our aim is to make our boards functional for your business, so we choose only materials suited to the application. We are usually able to advise a production lead time at the point of order.


    We use a dedicated vehicle for our deliveries to reduce damage to products in transit. We will assemble framework for our client’s onsite as required.

Pick the Specification of your Shadow Board

We tailor the specification of your Shadow Board to suit the application in which it is being used.

We consider the size and weight of the parts to be stored on the board along with environment it has to withstand when selecting the materials and fittings that make up your Shadow Board.



As with most of our products, we can adapt your Shadow Board to be freestanding and mobile.

We can even supply a cabinet built around your Shadow Board to add an extra layer of security and protection to you tools.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure

We use a range of materials to form the base of our Shadow Boards.

We can specify lighter materials such as ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) for applications such as basic hand tools through to Aluminium Sheet for heavy duty applications such as air tools or lifting equipment.

Locate with Confidence

Locate with Confidence

We have built a wealth of experience in selecting the appropriate fixings to hold in place tools and parts of various size, shape and weight.

We use a range of standard fixings that we know to be effective however, we will always consider a bespoke solution where required.

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