Case Study:

Visual Management Boards


Our client Spirax Sarco, a leading British-based manufacturer of steam management systems, wanted to improve communication both across shifts and between operators within both of it’s two main Machining shops.

There was some locally developed notice boards in use within pockets across the Machines Shops but no consistent approach.


Provide a well designed engaging Visual Management Solution that will promote teamworking and provide a platform for continuous improvement in the Machine shops.


Working with the machine Shop manager VMT took initial sketch ideas and converted them into professional and engaging Visual Management workshop boards.

Functional visual features such as a performance grid/charts that are filled in by the operators to provide awareness and accountability for performance were included by the VMT designers.

Fifteen Visual Management boards were delivered and implemented across the two machine shops addressing areas of business broadly categorised under Quality, Delivery and Team (People).

Quality boards are used to-

Track quality concern incidents and improvement trend.
Provide a display point for investigative and problem solving work.
Provide an area for quality improvement ideas to be shared.

Delivery boards are used to-

Provide a quick means of understanding current delivery performance – on track or not?
Track production volume trend.
Provide a display form Machine service schedule – planning tool.

 Team boards are used to-

Provide a visual indicator of availability and areas of training required for team members
Provide a platform for the operators to manage through Kaizen and problem solving ideas.


Excellent take up and positive interaction by Machine Operators.

Issues being raised and addressed in a swift efficient manner – helped by the tracking provided by the boards.

Provides performance status to passers by visually – no need to spend time asking questions to understand current performance and issues.

Professionalised the Machine Shop work space in keeping with the company’s strong industry reputation.

  • VMT were integral in helping to develop, design and then deliver a Visual Management solution that has given a major boost to our Machine Shop Performance. The designs that VMT have developed for us not only look the part but crucially help us to track improvement actions and problem solving activity – essential to our continuous improvement philosophy

    SimonMachine Shop Manager

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