Our client, a multi-national Aerospace Corporation, run a flight services training campus in Crawley (UK). The 4,900 square metre facility houses full-flight simulators and desktop training simulators for pilot training.

Within the simulator halls equipment and tooling is stored for maintenance and repairs. No set housekeeping standard for equipment and tooling storage meant that delays in locating a particular piece of kit could prove costly when the simulator isn’t running.


Our challenge was to create Visual Management solutions that allowed quick and easy location of items. Within the solution that we specified we had to be able to accommodate a wide variety of in terms of specification, size and weight of items. The wide variety of tooling needed to service the simulators also meant attention to detail in the design process to make sure nothing was overlooked.


Having spent time on site with our client, a range of products including Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations and Foam control were identified as products that would provide visual storage and a home location for items – setting in place standards for 5S Housekeeping.

Frequent use items were placed either on a wall or ‘A’ frame mounted shadow boards keeping the items close to hand and ensuring an ‘at a glance’ approach to spotting missing tooling. More infrequently used items were stored away in bespoke foamed mobile drawers still ensuring that all items have a set place for storage.


The impact of shadowing tells the user instantly if a tool is missing. The Engineers are able to locate tools in an instant and spot where items are missing. Keeping the regular use tooling close to process ensures minimal wasted motion spent searching for tools.


“VMT have supplied a professional and visual solution for our tool storage. The units aid our engineers in keeping the facility organised and presentable. Our internal auditors were also impressed with the final solution.”

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