Case Studies


Case Study –

Maintenance & Repair Shadow Boards

Our challenge was to create Visual Management solutions that allowed quick and easy location of items. Within the solution that we specified we had to be able…


Case Study –

Manufacturing Visual Management Boards

Creating a well designed engaging Visual Management Solution that will promote team-working and provide a platform for continuous improvement in the Machine shops…


Case Study –

Transport Manufacturing

Unnecessary motions, such as travel between stations, retrieving equipment and searching for tooling were wastes of motion.┬áThese wasteful motions….


Case Study –

Aerospace Foam Kitting

The kitting foams varied in material specification meaning some materials not durable enough to house the parts securely. As the foams were cut from one colour…


Case Study –

Rail Pit Stop Maintenance

Help reduce turnaround of trains entering Train Maintenance Depots (TMD) for standard maintenance procedures by ensuring the fitters have all…

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