Make efficient working a habit

Effective visual management supplies powerful cues to prompt action. Our clients make measurable reductions in waste by reducing non-value added activity through using our Visual Management solutions.

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Make the workplace a more satisfying place to be.

Visual Management helps to reduce clutter, make things easier to find and communicates important messages. Our Virtual Factory model will help you to picture our products improving your workplace.

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Our Product Solutions

Welcome to Visual Management Technology

Experts in creating the most visually efficient workplaces

VMT combine Lean industry knowledge with creative thinking to provide innovative, functional and professional products that allow our clients to bring out the best in their people.

The lean temple places Visual Management as one of the key foundations of a truly Lean organisation.


Visual Management Industry Best Practice

VMT has knowledgeable and flexible account managers that deliver lasting client relationships.

We work across varying sectors where our clients have differing lean requirements. Our excellent industry knowledge allows us to deliver on these sector specific needs.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

  • VMT shared their knowledge and experience and really engaged the workforce in developing the Visual Management of Shadow boards, Foam Kitting and 5s Performance boards. Visual Management has greatly assisted with the improved efficiency and workplace organisation but equally created a positive impact on the on the teams engagement to 5s.

    Ian Street Crane
  • Working with VMT helped us achieve some outstanding results including a 20% reduction in Takt time. The time spent looking for tools in a factory environment cannot be underestimated.

    Halil Alexander Dennis
  • VMT were integral in helping to develop, design and then deliver a Visual Management solution that has given a major boost to our Machine Shop Performance. The designs that VMT have developed for us not only look the part but crucially help us to track improvement actions and problem solving activity – essential to our continuous improvement philosophy

    Simon Machine Shop Manager

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